On Fri, 21 Oct 1994, Murray Pomerance wrote:
>    I don't mean to be affronting here.  But I really would like to hear
> what you have to say about a film I know and care about (along with many
> other people), like, for instance, Kane, before I commit to reading what
> you have to say about Pulp Fiction.  This is *not* because I'm
> ostracizing Pulp Fiction.  Indeed, I'm reserving judgment, a process made
> exceptionally difficult by the kind of verbal meandering that's going on
> on these screens.
Wait a minute, Murrary--now really, who's doing the meandering here? It
was you who name-dropped _Citizen Kane_, now it's *we* who have to discuss
its merits before *you* will consider "commit[ting] to reading" about
_Pulp Fiction_?  Where's the logic--s'plain it to me please!
Patrick Bjork
Bismarck State College
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