On 10/21/94 Shawn Levy wrote:
>I've actually taught "Tetsuo" in my Cyberpunk Film course at Portland
>State U., and it has blown my students' minds.  The most crowded 60 or so
>minutes they'd ever seen.  The director -- Shinya Tsukamoto -- made a
>"Tetsuo 2," accoring to one of my more intense (but reliable) students,
>but it's only available as a Japanese import, far as we could determine.
The sequel is called "Body Hammer: Tetsuo 2."  Haven't seen it, but the
VARIETY of a couple of years ago indicated that it had a plot which
connects with one of SCREEN-L's recent threads:  a metal freak kidnaps a
boy, and the boy's father tries to get him back.  Both villain and father
mutate metalically as in the original film.
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