On Thu, 20 Oct 1994, Murray Pomerance wrote:
> A goodly number of truly important filmmakers must be turning in their
> graves to read the density and intensity of this discussion on the
> "brilliant," "seriously important" work of so untried and inexperienced a
> filmmaker.  Now, when does CITIZEN KAND *really end*???
Pardon me for asking but could you define the phrase "truly important
filmmakers?" Or at least provide some descriptors to identify the truly
important filmmaker. I ask because _Citizen Kane_, if I'm not
mistaken, was also directed by an "untried and inexperienced" filmmaker
which *over a relatively lengthy period of time* has been elevated to
canonical status. Is it not inconceiveable that such could be the case
with PF?
Patrick Bjork
Dept. of English
Bismarck State College
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