On Wed, 19 Oct 1994, Richard J. Leskosky wrote:
> I greatly enjoyed PULP FICTION and was intrigued by its structure, but I
> also had the impression that Tarantino was playing it safe in one respect.
> The story doubling back on itself allows the filmmaker to kill off a
> likable character yet still show that character alive and charming at the
> end of the film, effectively undoing or erasing the death scene. And so we
> don't leave the theater bummed out by the demise of this character.
Yes, a very interesting point because it underscores the self-reflexive
nature of the film--that, in fact, this is an artist's reality, and a
metafictional one at that. Structurally, it reminded me very much of
Kundera's _The Unbearable Lightness of Being_.
Patrick Bjork
Dept. of English
Bismarck State College
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