> I use Magill's CD-ROM, Survey of Cinema quite alot & find it very useful.
> Mega Movie Guide can be helpful but in general has more stuff(quick time
> film clips) but less information. BFI has a good CD-ROM film database out
> as well. Another one that I haven't tried but am interested in is
> International FilmArchive's CD-Rom.
> Stephen O'Riordan
I have been trying to get information on a Mexican film made in the
50's.  If anyone has access to a database (other than movie@ibmpcug)
that has information on international film, could you please check
this and give me informtion on director, cast, etc.  The film is:
     La mujer ajena (based on the play/novel _Realidad_ /1892/ of
Benito Perez Galdos).
Gilbert Smith
North Carolina State University
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