>I've seen a few mentions of films and related information on CD-ROM (such
>as Cinemania'94 and REBECCA).  Is there a good source to look for other film
>related CD-ROM packages?  Any info. would be appreciated.
>Cam Williams
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I use Magill's CD-ROM, Survey of Cinema quite alot & find it very useful.
Mega Movie Guide can be helpful but in general has more stuff(quick time
film clips) but less information. BFI has a good CD-ROM film database out
as well. Another one that I haven't tried but am interested in is
International FilmArchive's CD-Rom.
Finally what we are doing w/ Rabinovitz's Rebecca CD-ROM is the Film
Library will get the CD-Rom as a companion to the film which the Film
Archive already has.
If you want or need more detail please let me know.
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