I am trying to locate a copy of the 1924 Carl T. Dreyer film, MIKAEL
(also known as MICHAEL or its US release title CHAINED).  The film
stars Walter Slezak and is bsaed on a story by Herman Bang. The film
was shot in 1924 and releasedin the US in 1927.
I am writing my dissertation on the representation of homosexuality in
German Cinema.  I woud love to find a copy of MIKAEL on video as well
as an ENglish translated version of Ulli Lommel's TENDERNESS OF THE
WOLVES (which I have on video  in unstranslated form).
Other filsm I am writing on include: Peter Kern's STREETKID (GOSSENKIDN),
DAS KONSEQUENCE (saw it recnetly at the Gay and Lesbian festivals in
San Francisco and LOS ANGELES); and THE THIRD SEX.
Would appreciate any and all information.
Ithaca College Communications Program in LA
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