what kind of editing are you doing right now for film?  AVID and
Lightworks are the only relaiable digital non-linear systems with
software taylored towards producing film cut lists.  I've worked with
AVID and would be happy to talk to you about the technical aspects and I
can find out what prices are available for purchase, but my guess is that
in the next year you will see some semi affordable systems from either
these two companies or a competitor.  Good luck and I look forward to
hearing from you.
On Wed, 5 Oct 1994, Jennifer Warren wrote:
> Ok, so non linear editing for video is a reality.  I'm very happy for
> those who dabble in video.  Now how about those of us who shoot in 16mm
> ??  Non Linear editing would save us tons of money if it could be
> provided at say, the cost of a video toaster...Does anyone know of a
> system that will do this??
> Jennie