Mike comments:
"    If I am not mistaken, the "Expanded" version of David Lynch's "DUNE",which
has only been shown on television is credited to Mr. "Smithee".
    I have never seen any written explanation of this credit so I always
figured that Lynch had nothing to do with this version and made Universal
credit it to Smithee."
That's about right.  When my wife and I went, with much anticipation, to
see DUNE and it opened with about 10 minutes of voice-over narration by the
princess explaining the various races and roles they play, we turned to
each other and said, at the same time, "Uh-oh!"
Nonetheless, there are some very neat things in DUNE, which is why I require
any critic that I am going to respect to have at least one or 2 kind words
for it.
But then Universal recut it for tv and video--and made the intro. *worse*!
Lynch was right.
--Don Larsson, Mankato State U., MN