Don't have much to offer for research material, but have read that W.
Shatner is ready to publish a book of his memoirs concerning the movies.
I read "Star Trek Memories" and found it interesting, but probably not
much there for a paper.  Try asking the question on the Star Trek list
(don't know the address).
As for themes for your paper, how about one of the following:
   - Compare the Kirk/Khan relationship in battle with that of historical
figures.  Napoleon/Wellington comes to mind.
   - Compare Khan with any figure who turns out to be self destructive,
Hitler, Nero, Baseball ownership, the Hockey Commissioner, Satan.
   - Compare/contrast the two Khan episodes (TV and Movie) with the 1933
version of King Kong.  Horrible oddity found, taken into civilization,
captured and tamed.  Circumstances drive him mad and he escapes, killing
many.  Obsession with hero/heroine results in downfall.
I personally liked the Moby Dick contrast myself.
Dave Cross
Univ of San Diego