The Hamptons Film Festival will start on Oct 19-23, 1994.
    This festival brings new films world-wide. Good chance to see new
    movies and meet filmmakers like Steven Spielberg.
    You may choose the subscription package right for you:
    (1) Founder's Pass--$1,000 ea.
    (2) Film Buff Pass--$350 ea.
    (3) Opening Night Gala Ticket (Oct 19)
        Screening only--$15 ea.
        screening & reception--$75 ea.
    (4) Closing Night Gala Tickets (Oct.230
        Screening only--$15 ea.
        Screening 7 reception--$75
    (5) Tribute presentation Tickets--$15 ea.
    For information and a list of individual film: call
    516/324-7657 ext: 117
    Individual will be availablr for sale on Oct 13, 1994.