There is a storyboard seminar by Mark Simon at Valencia Community
    College, Florida on Nov.5, 1994. It is a continuing professional
    educational course.
    This is a one-day seminar. This seminar is an interactive seminar
    with exercises designed to give you a real-life storyboard session
    experience. You will benefit from these exercises by thinking in
    terms of how the cameras shots should edit together to complete a
    story and make "visual sense" once it is on the screen.
    Mark Simon is a storyboard artist with the hit series seaQuest
    DSV' and several other credits likeITEC productions and Disney
    For further information and application:
    Call the Conference Development Office at
    (407) 299-5000 ext. 3205 or 3204
    or FAX to: (407) 426-9071
    or write to:
    Valencia Community College
    P.O.Box 3028, Orlando, FL 32802-3028