Here are some additional films "direcgeted" by Alan SAmithee:
GHOST FEVER (1781), directed by Lee Madden
LET'S GET HARRY (1987), directed by Stuart Rosenberg
SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE,  directed by Michael Gottlieb
STAR FIRE, directed by Richard Farafian
MORGAN STEWAR'S COMING HOME, directed by Paul Aaron (1987)
FATLA CHARM, directed by Fritz Kiersch
Hope this is helpful.  If you consult the Director's Directory, it will list
the fictional Smithee's credits.  If you need soem more, e-mail me and
I can provide you a more complete and detaile d list.  I also believe ther
is a writer's pseduonym that is used by the Writer's Guild.  Perhpas you
should contact the Director's Guild.