A friend of mine, who has no e-mail yet, wants to write a paper about Alan
Smithee. This is a pseudonym first used in 1967 by a director who didn't want
to be held responsible for a movie he had (partly) directed (it was the reason
why he didn't want to put his name on it). Since then, if a director doesn't
want to be responsible for a movie he had directed, the director was named
Alan/Allen Smithee.
My friend would like to have answers to these questions:
1) Who knows more about this name.
2) Who knows about directors who directed, and put the name A>
Alan/Allen Smithee on their movie.
3) Who knows titles of movies directed by A.S..
4) A documentary film was made about this phenomenon. Does anybody know the
title, name of director, name of producer/production company, anyway info
that leads to this documentary.
Well that it. It's quite a lot. On behalf of Gijs, the friend mentioned above,
TIA. Sorry for my bad English, I am not a native speaker. Regards Daniel Salo
Regards Daniel Salomons