Adrian Miles:
I think you're right; in the interest of brevity I misrepresented the
war, and I apologize. I only wanted to bring Kubrick into the American
film camp, which, as someone just reminded me, he always is/was.
John Hoppe
On Sun, 9 Oct 1994, Adrian Miles wrote:
> Apologies for being totally off subject but I feel uncomfortable about
> letting it go uncommented, being symptomatic of the U.S.centric nature of
> this list.
> John Hoppe wrote (re: American films)
> >Full Metal Jacket (yes, Kubrick is a Brit, but so what? Vietnam was an
> >   American War)
> Well, quite a few Australians and I think New Zealander's fought and died
> in this 'American' war, I believe the French might have a different view
> and well, weren't there some Vietnamese in there somewhere too?
> Adrian Miles