Ed O' Neill tells of Argento's section of TWO EVIL EYES,  which reminded me
of a bizarre sequence in Argento's INFERNO.
  An old man (Serge Pitoeff of MARIENBAD fame) has continually been annoyed
by a large number of cats entering his flat. He catches one and then puts
it into a sack containing anumber that he has already captured. He then
proceeds to the river whereupon he begins to drown the cats in the tied-up
sack. Unfortunately for him, he falls over and is atacked by a posse of
very aggressive rats that begin to eat him alive in the water. He yells for
help and a man comes running form a bakery nearby - and you expect him to
save poor Serge. He doesn't - he wields a meat cleaver and puts him out of
his misery. He should really have been nicer to the cats!
K.Donnelly Univ East Anglia