> I am writing my dissertation on the representation of homosexuality in
> Italian cinema.  I have a copy of a film on videotape which is not
> subtitled entitled THE GOLDEN GLASSES (also known as THE GOLD-RIMMED
> GLASSES).  It is a 1988 film starring Rupert Everett and Valeria Golino.
        *Gli Occhiali d'Oro* does not start Everett&Golino.  It stars
Philippe Noiret and Stefania Sandrelli.
> The director is Montaldo.  Does anyone have any information onthis film?
> A Plot synopsis woudl be extremely helpful.  I do not believe the film
> was distributed in the United States.
        I saw the film when it came out and I would like to give a decent
synopsis beyond the mere: gay professor goes to a resort town in Italy
and falls in love with a gay man during Fascist era.  Also, the film is
an adaptation of a book by the same title, written by Giorgio Bassani.
        The film has not made it to the US.
        Gloria Monti