American Movie Classics (AMC) Cable TV Network presents The Second
    Annual AMC Film Preservation Festival
    a 3-day event created to raise the awareness that half of the
    feature-length movles and newsreels made before 1950 have been
    lost due to decay and neglect. AMC has teamed with The Film
    Foundation, chaird by Martin Scorsese, to face the momentous task
    of preserving the sights and sounds of classic Hollywood.
    During the weekend-long festival from Oct. 21-23, 1994, AMC will
    air an original production. Directors on Film: A Conversation
    About Preservation (October 22 at 5:15pm and 11:30pm ET) is a
    roundtable discussion that will platform today's generation of
    talented filmmakers. Moderated by independant director Martha
    Coolidge (Ramblin' Rose) and featuring John Singleton (Boyz N the
    Hood), Ben Stiller (Reality Bites), Jessie Nelson (Corrina,
    Corrina) and David O. Russell (spanking the Monkey), Directors on
    Film presents these filmmakers' personal perspectives on subjects
    ranging from "What Films Should be Saved" to "Who Should Choose
    the Films We Save".
    Along with Directors on Film, the festival will also feature
    restored and preserved films with special emphasis this year on
    the Western. Stagecoach, the preview version and release version
    of My Darling Clmentine, and For Whom the Bell Tolls are just some
    of the many film offerings along with mini-documentaries on the
    art and craft of film restoration, and impassioned testimonials
    from Hollywood's leading celebrities including Oliver Stone, Clint
    Eastwood, Dustin Hoffman and Jodie Foster.
    If you are interasted in making a donation to this urgent cause,
    please call:
    150 Crossways Park W.
    Woodbury, NY 11797
    Tel: 516-364-2222
    Fax: 516-364-2327