>Just a minor corrective to Kelly Conway's posting below:  The annual SCS
>conference will take place in March (not Feb.) of each calendar year, probably
>early March (NYC in 1995; Dallas in 1996; LA in 1997).
Is anyone interested in running for Graduate Student Representative of
>the Society for Cinema Studies?  The term lasts for 2 years and will
>begin July 1995.  Your basic duties will include attending 2 Executive
>Council meetings per year (one in the fall and one at the Februrary SCS
>conference), where you will represent the interests of the graduate
>student members of SCS.
>The head of the Nominating Committee, Radha Subramanyam, is accepting
>names from now until August 26.  Please contact her if you're interesting
>in running.
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>Don't miss this great opportunity to get more involved in SCS.  Please
>contact me if you have questions about the position.
>Kelley Conway
>SCS student rep
>(202) 342-3824
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David Desser,UIUC Cinema Studies
2109 FLB/707 S. Mathews, Urbana, IL  61801