As I recall, someone over the summer inquired about films about the deaf.
There is a 1992 French film, LE PAYS DES SOURDS/IN THE LAND OF THE DEAF by
Nicolas Philibert, which is now available in this country. It's in French
and French sign language, with English subtitles.  Subjects include veteran
sign-language instructor Jean-Claude Poulain and a group of young school
children learning to communicate orally.  It played weekends thoughout
August at The Film Center of the Art Institute of Chicago (I didn't see
it--I received my Film Center Calendar for August just two days ago).
Anyone interested in tracking down a distributor might try calling the
Center's info number: (312) 443-3733.
Richard J. Leskosky
Unit for Cinema Studies, UIUC
office phone: (217) 244-2704
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