I believe that the film you  are talking about is "Nothing But A Man,"
directed by Michael Roeser, and rereleased in the theaters two years ago.
 It stars Ivan Dixon and Abbey Lincoln (one of the few films she ever made
before her successful singing career).  It takes place in Birmingham and its
environs.  It is one of  the great movies ofthe '60s (1964 or 65), certainly
remains one  of the great black movies of all time.
    For years I have showed it to ethics classes--for its racial views and
its unflinching tension between the black family and the white power
structure, and its positive views on unions.  I have been able to get it
through libraries, but haven't shown it in the last several years.  It was
also known under the title "Duff Anderson."
    Gerald Forshey, Professor of Humanities, City Colleges of Chicago