Doug, I have been looking for those films for 10 years!!!  If you ever
find them, please share.  I'd love to correspond with you about
Faulkner.  I did my dissertation of sex in Faulkner's major novels 10
years ago, and have been out of the loop since.  But I had one chapter I
had to throw out of dissertation (Temple Drake's rape really didn't fit
as I had conceived the chapter).  Anyway, I have wanted to see the Temple
Drake film forever.  Good luck on finding.
On Wed, 17 Aug 1994, Douglas M Ramsey wrote:
> Help me please!
>      I'm looking for these films for a dissertation on Faulkner's film career
> (video or archival):
>      The Story of Temple Drake (Paramount, 1933)
>      Slave Ship (20th Century Fox, 1937)
>      Sanctuary (20th Century Fox, 1961)
> Any help you could give me would be much appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
>                          D. Matthew Ramsey
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