On Mon, 8 Aug 1994, MECHAR,KYLE WILLIAM,MR wrote:
> critique of this kind is vital, I would like also to remind viewrs
> of the blatant homophobia of this film, a film that implies a
> repatholgization and recriminilization of homosexuality. I just
> finished reading a very good essay by Diane Fuss in Media Spectacles
> called "Monsters of Perversion: Jefffery Dahmer and the Silence of the
> Lambs," which I highly recommend.
> Kyle Mechar
> Mcgill University
> Montreal
I would recommend, along the very lines of what you are discussing, and
what I posted earlier, an essay written by Janet Staiger.  It's titled,
"Taboos and Totems: Cultural Meanings of _The Silence of the Lambs_", from
the book _Film Theory Goes to the Movies_.  In it she discusses the
"outing" of Jodie Foster after the release of the film.  The fact
that both homosexuals and women held widely divergent views of this film
is also discussed and analyzed.
Constance Atwill