Donald Larson wrote:
>But what about political/social agitprop, a la the animal rights stuff
>LETHAL WEAPON III?  That seems far rarer.
Look no further than the film before this one, LETHAL WEAPON II, and its
less than subtle poly/social agitprop regarding apartheid and racism.
Aside from the obvious, the film sticks in little pokes at politicians
(regarding them, largely, as embezzlers) and white prejudice (Gibson's
character seems more down on caucasians than anyone else).
The undertone of this vulgar film is support for civil rights/equal
rights and spreads its propoganda much the same way, surprise, surpriuse,
as WEAPON III did.
And what about STAR TREK IV? Save the whales.
And another small flim, A BREED APART, starring Rutger Hauer, Kathleen
Turner and Donald Pleasance, in which Hauer stars as a recluse who roams
the woodlands protecting endangered birds (and killing people in the
process too).
Lee Elliott