In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the club that is in the opening
scene is called Club Obi Wan, a Star Wars reference put in by creators Lucas
and Spielberg.  This is probably more of an in-joke though because the Star
Wars trilogy had already come out before Doom.
Also, in Poltergiest, written and produced by Spielberg, directed by Tobe
Hooper (though Spielberg helped considerably I understand), in the beginning
the TV is on in the parents bedroom while they are getting ready for bed and
an old Specer Tracy movie called A Guy Named Joe is on the channel.  The
movie is a favorite of Spielberg's and Richard Dreyfuss' and was remade into
Always.  A little bit of foreshadowing on Steven's part, but I imagine he put
it in because he liked the movie so much.
BTW Ford just agreed to do Jones again in a fourth movie under Spielberg's
guidance and Lucas' story.
Also I'm anxious for the next three Star Wars films to come out in 97,98, and
Brian L. Tanner
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