Speaking of the Coens, I remember Nicholas Cage, or was it John
Goodman, wearing, in "Raising Arizona," a jumpsuit with the inscription
"Hudsucker Industries" (or thereabouts) printed on it. I've only seen it
once, so the details escape me, but it's there, it's there!
Kurt Gegenhuber
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On Thu, 28 Jul 1994, Shawn Levy wrote:
>         1)  When Joel and Ethan Coen found themselves stricken with
> writer's block during the writing of "Miller's Crossing," they found
> their way out of the dilemma by writing a screenplay about a guy with
> writer's block -- which, of course, became "Barton Fink."  As a tribute
> to the fictional character who salvaged their gangster picture, they
> named the hotel in which Gabriel Byrne's character Tom lived...The Barton
> Arms.  It's written on an awning.