I haven't been keeping up with the replies to "Lawyers," but has anyone
mentioned The Verdict with Paul Newman?  His valor is exposed only as a
desperate means for redemption and self-respect after an otherwise normal
lawyerly life chasing the dollar.  Maybe the most realistic, although the
verdict does conform to Hollywood happy ending-itis, and moving corporate
courtroom drama I've seen.
And don't forget Steve Martin's great performance in All Of Me!  His
invented diatribe against a dyeing blue-blood played by L. Tomlin,
invoking the name of his father who toiled in a storefront law firm
defending the rights of little people (after previously invoking the name
of a father who, as a barber, wasn't afforded the opportunity to rape and
exploit the workers as had Tomlin's ancestors) when Tomlin, trying to
execute a goofy will and testament, is threatening Martin's corporate
life for the previous barber outburst, is beautiful.  Now that's a