>attitude.  I know hundreds of nasty lawyer movies, but that's because it's
>my area.  I would like to know, absolutely off the top of your head(s), what
>movies come to mind when you think of lawyers?  If you had to think
>specifically of corrupt, manipulative, sleazy mouthpieces, what would you
>come up with?
The most recent one I've seen is "Carlito's Way"--Sean Penn's slimemold.
Let's see, then we can hearken back to the Godfather trilogy's Tom.
HEY!  Wait a minute!  Does anyone notice a pattern here?  Why, it's
a nasty portrayal of Ethnic Americans (Italian, Jewish) as corrupt
and morally bankrupt!  Gee, whiz!  That does it!  I'm boycotting
lawyer films from now on.
Sorry.  Got carried away looking for messages.
Denise Bryson, Language and Literature
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