I would like to thank John Groch for his excellent posting in response to
what has become the Francis debate. I agree.  Barthes is very valid
reference as well.
Cameron seems to have a kink with this sort of thing, after all, in
Terminator 2, Dr. Bryson, although a well-educated black man, is
ultimately responsible for the death of humanity and the mass production
of super-spohisticated, killer cyborgs (with an Aryan accent!).  Bryson,
the movie's sole black man, must die so that our white heros, and the
rest of the world, may continue with their lives.  His actions are
heroic, but what is the message underneath the character and the casting?
 The noble brute?  I don't know, it's something else to think about with
particular relation to Cameron.
Funny how much there is to talk about regarding True Lies, isn't it?  Who
expected that film to raise such issues, inadvertantly or not.
Lee Elliott
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