>This film blew me away. I would watch a documentary a week if I thought
>they'd all be this good/creative/insightful/entertaining etc..
>My question: Does the Gould film, given its experimental nature, even
>constitute a "documentary" film, if so, are there more like it, and if
>not, why aren't more directors willing to try the genre out, especially
>considering how the Gould film explodes the old form and goes everywhere
>the "traditional" documentary (at least the ones I have seen) do not.
         *         *          *          *         *            *
Absolutely.  The edges of Any Genre when it mixes w/ other genres:
Narr.W/ Docu. Docu W/ Exp. etc.., is always interesting, often successful
& a place where film/Videomakers often work.
THIN BLUE LINE, Kuchar's WEATHER DIARIES, even as far back as the GPO's
NIGHTMAIL or the Brit.WWII pieces like FIRES WERE STARTED, work the edges.
The list is large & perhaps people could contribute w/ their own Favs.
PS. Facets800 331 6197 & Video Data Bank 312 345 3550 are both good places
to start looking for titles.
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