I saw that film when I was a little girl...(I'm not kidding!)..it is in
color, I saw it in a movie theatre....I'll try and dredge some more of the
memory...I do remember that it was taken from a novel....
Sandy Dwiggins
> A colleague has been trying to find the name of a film that he says he saw
> about 20-30 years ago on tv.  He claims it starred Bing Crosby and Rock
> Hudson, and in it Crosby plays a small-town doctor who's been practicing
> euthenasia for some time.  Hudson finds out and threatens to expose him, but
> then discovers the need for a "mercy
> " killing himself.
> I can find nothing in Crosby or Hudson's credits that comes remotely close to
> such a plot nor any instance where they even co-starred.  I suspect my
> informant got his stars crossed (so to speak) and that the production might
> have been made-for-tv, but no luck otherwise.  Any leads?
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> --Don Larsson
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