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>>>Some of us out here in the great flyover would, of course, love to be
>>>able to join you in such discussions.  Unfortunately, these are
>>>"privileged" films if such things exist:  at any given time, the
>>>majority of the US population doesn't have ACCESS to the "small"
>>>"independent" films.  The closest "alternative" theatre to this
>>>town is 3 1/2 long hours away.  So, for those of us who don't have
>>>unlimited means to compensate for travel, the "mainstream" is all
>>>we have.
>Don't you have cable?
Actually, Guy, you'd be surprised how BAD the cable systems are in
rural areas where there's no competition.  A freind of mine who used
to DESIGN cable systems says the one here is the worst she's ever seen.
And besides, the au courant "independent" films that are hot topics
for discussion among specialists aren't usually direct-to-cable, no?
Denise Bryson, Language and Literature
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