The Steel Helmet is the archtype for all war films.  It is the film in
which each member of the platoon comes from a different ethnic background
but somehow they all manage to get along and save each other when the
going gets tough....and it does get tough...It's a CLASSIC, a Hollywood
B made by a great director, recognized by the French critics long before
he was ever recognized here....
Sandy Dwiggins
> Among the many other war film references listed recently, some work should
> (sorry, I meant to say "attention should") be paid to the work of Sam Fuller,
> especially THE STEEL HELMET, about Korea--made in 1951 during the war itself--
> and CHINA GATE, possibly the earliest Hollywood Vietnam flick (1957), dealing
> with the French phase of the struggle, before Dien Bien Phu.  As I recall,
> it's sort of a thinking person's GREEN BERETS, with a surprisingly solid
> supporting performance by Nat King Cole.  Dalio also has a supporting role.
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