Alison, you wrote:
>In addition, the news net bulletin board has racked up
>numerous posts on the case, addressing it from a variety of
>perspectives (informed, ill-informed, off-the-wall, you name
>it).  The fact that it exists at all (I suspect it was formed in
>the wake of the June murders, but I don't know for sure) is another
>measure of the virtual explosion of cultural discourse around these
It was indeed formed after the murders, but before the bronco ride.
Also, for those seeking OJ jokes, check out alt.humor. There is
already a listing of "canonical" OJ jokes, most of which are unbearbly
bad, but include references to football, hertz, orange juice, usc,
interracial marriage, waiters, etc. Fascinating. There is also a
bulletin board called alt.oj-simpson.die.die.die.
And I heard there's already a quickie paperback on the market.
Donna Cunningham
University of Southern California
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