On 18 July 1994 J. Metz wrote:
>On Mon, 18 Jul 1994 11:21:43 -0500 Richard J. Leskosky said:
>>Bill Paxton was also in ALIENS, playing, as I
>>recall, a soldier who cracks under the pressure of the alien attacks but
>>winds up redeems (?) himself by committing suicide with tough space marine
>>Jenette Goldstein before the aliens can reach them and use their bodies to
>>create more aliens.  In any case, his reappearance at the end of TL does
>>let Helen get some sort of personal revenge on him, but it seems like a
>>cheap shot nonetheless.
>  Why?  Do we have to feel compassion for *everyone* in *every* film?
>Simon was a slimeball!  That was the point.  Aside from being comic relief,
>which is not a crime, should we have let Simon off the hook just because he
>had to admit to some shortcomings (pardon the pun)?
>  I'll tell you what.  Let's make a film where every person is a nice guy,
>looks good, does good things, does nothing wrong, and has no flaws whatsoever.
>Let's see how entertaining it is.