Yes, she's back, ready to plunge into yet another politically-incorrect
True Lies?  Fun film.  Well-made.  Doesn't take itself too seriously.
Why is it that it seems to be MANDATORY for those of us who study lit
and films to disdain the films that are destined to make millions?
I mean, the days that films were required to carry the Truth and
the One True Politik to the People are over, right?
It's not high art.  It's not the best film ever made.  But darnit,
it's a well-spent entertainment buck, and not every filmgoer out there
wait in line and spends his/her money to be politicized.  Some of us,
every once in a while, just really want to settle back with some coke
and popcorn, suspend disbelief, and laugh at comic-book adventure.
Denise Bryson, Language and Literature
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