On Tue, 5 Jul 1994, John G. Thomas wrote:
>         I'd like to have some comments about the over-board message we
> ALL get that men are bad, evil, etc.  The fact that 52% of all spousal
> murders are committed by by women should get some play for a change.  Why
> does TV seem compelled to present such a one-sided view?  I suspect its
> ratings, but it is unfortunate none-the-less.
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Of course, somewhere around 90% of spousal physical abuse is done by
men.  I think your 52% figure, why true, I DON'T KNOW, is a bit like male
concern about being raped by a woman. It's a myth.  I don't think
many residents of domestic violence shelters are men.  I suggest we, as
men, admit that our gender is the problem here, and stop grasping for straws.
...why do you think the women murder the men ANYWAY???
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