Hey, can anyone out there tell me about a horrible rumor I've heard?  It
has been passed by me by several people that Quentin Tarantino apparently
stole a lot of his inspiration (not to mention actual shot by shot
structures and plot) for Reservoir Dogs from a Japanesse film named.....?
 And  there's what no one can me, the name of the film that Japanesse
film.  I of course want to see the flim and judge for myself.  Has anyone
else heard of what I am speaking?  Say it ain't so.
Leland Elliott
PS, and thanks to Richard Leskosk for pointing out my omission of
Razorback when I was pointing out Russell Mulcahy's first film.  I had
forgotten about that gem of a film.
And to Ara Rubyan, I am an avid Buckaroo fan and think the WD Richter
should have one awards for his direction on that project.  What was that
watermellon doing there?