What he said!  Go see it on a great big screen with Dolby.
Some responses to comments about _True Lies_:
Just a Bond Film--one thing I liked about this film is the flipping back
and forth between genres.  The stuff at Lake Hat (is this the part they
filmed at Rosecliff in Newport?) and the safely controlled nuclear
explosion are pure Bond.  But the horse stuff is right out
of Western, the interogation scene is a nod at _Basic Instinct_,there are
plenty of Buddy movie moments between Tom and Ahnold, etc.
The Woman Question--I liked that Jamie beats the hell out of him after the
voyeur scene.  She also manages to wipe out a lot of people with that
dropped automatic weapon, and holds her own against femme fatale in the
limo.  Yeah, there was the usual pardon me while i teeter out of my high
heels and fall out of the top of my dress, but she wasn't completely
passive.  I agree that we're probably in for _True Lies II:  Last Tango
in Uzbekistan_ and so on, with our James and Jane Bond making the world
safe for whatever Omega hasin mind.  That first tango sequence was the only
scene that really set my teeth on edge.  Ahnold walking the teensy dog
got a laugh for a similar juxtaposition of bodies.
"This is a work of fiction and the fact that all the bad guys are muslim
is not intended as a reflection on any culture or religion"--did this
disclaimer make anyone feel better?  Is "I have to take a leak" in
"Perfect Arabic"?
The grungy kid--oh, bleakness.  Is her stealing money early in the movie
just a way of painting her as hopelessly Gen-X, a set-up for her
stealing the key later, or part of some larger when-is-a-theft-not-a-theft
"Men: you can't live with them and you can't just shoot 'em"--is a
line from a Country Western song (The Forrester Sisters?) from three or
four years ago that still gets airplay, but I doubt it's the ur-text.
There was still lots of cinepleasure in this thing for me.
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