>Subject: Baseball Movies and Team Names
>Is it my imagination, or is it a relatively new phenomenon to find baseball
>movies (ones that aren't based on real players' lives anyway) using the
>names of real teams?  (Eg., the Cubs in ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, the Twins in
>I do note exceptions, eg. DAMN YANKEES (which is really about the Washington
>Senators--"first in war, first in peace, and last in the American League) and
> the original ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD took place with the Pittsburgh Pirates.
>I suspect that marketing and financing play roles in the selection of teams--
>for example, Chicago and Minnesota have been hustling to enlist film projects
>in their locations, and none of the teams mentioned above is exactly at the
>top of the playoff contenders right now.  Thoughts?
Interesting point: in BANG THE DRUM SLOWLY and THE NATURAL, we had the Mammoths
and the Knights, respectively.  Given the proliferation of plugs for products in
films, I assume the makers of the recent films you mentioned have entered into
some kind of marketing/licensing agreement with the baseball nabobs.  Given the
plot of DAMN YANKEES, we couldn't have had a fictitious team name.
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