(I'm fairly new to the net, so please be kind :->)
I'm doing my
dissertation on Mike Nichols as a cross-over artist
(one who has worked consistently in film and theatre.)
I am trying to contact as many people as possible who
have worked with him or otherwise know him.  I am also
trying to find out if he has an archive anywhere.  I
would be grateful for any help/suggestions anyone has.
I am also trying to contact him, personally, but have
had no luck, so far.  I've written twice via his
assistant and faxed them both once through his agent's
assistant.  Advice on how to reach/approach him would
be helpful, too.
P.S.  I have made contact with Bill Irwin.
Meredith McMinn
PhD candidate, Dept. of Dramatic Art
Lecturer, Film Studies Program
University of California, Santa Barbara