I remember when (in the glorious pre-women's studies days at my
alma mater) in a Modern Drama course a couple of female grad
students (including myself) finally asked our sixty-something
prof why so many of the plays we were reading (Mamet, Pinter,
Shepard, et al) were so incredibly violent and abusive toward
their women characters; nota bene that all three men have been
heavily involved in film projects, to certain degrees of acclaim.
Our Prof's response was: "I think that the women in those plays
are very important characters."
[We did pursue that, and asked if we became "important characters"
when we walked down the street and guys yelled threatening stuff
at us, but he reassured us by asking the familiar counter-inquiry,
"Well, what were you wearing?"]
I'd like to ask, at this juncture in all our media/OJ ponderings:
Is/was Nicole Brown Simpson an "important character" in this drama?
And, more to the point perhaps, should we ask what she was wearing?
Just some mental meandering; I couldn't flame if I had a blowtorch.
Be groovy or B-movie --
Amy Nelson
Amy Nelson
Department of English
Rutgers University
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