Awhile ago, Krin Gabbard posted an inquiry about early jazz soundtracks.
Sorry, but I don't have an individual address, and haven't saved the
original message (and haven't the patience to look for it in the
archives), so I'll send this out to the list and hope it's useful.
A broadcast of early jazz recordings (in the APR series, "Jazz Classics
in Stereo") included a recording of Duke Ellington's "Double Check
Stomp," which the announcer said was part of an Ellington soundtrack
for a 1930 movie titled Check and Double Check.  That's an Amos 'n'
Andy picture, which David Meeker lists as featuring tunes by
Ellington (not including "Double Check Stomp"), but no indication
whether he wrote a score for the picture.  Unfortunately I don't have
any sources at hand that might tell me anything more about the picture.
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