Dear Rod:
        Yes, the facts are tricky things!  But look at it this way for a
moment, okay?  There is a very good side to this information, and its
quite liberating for women too.  This kind of information should be
looked at at as a good thing, it takes women down from the
victim/pedestal and makes them SO HUMAN.  These facts could actually
remove the unfortunate stereotypes and put a dose of reality back into
        Suppose you made a film wherein the usual stuff we hear day after
day after day was replaced with some reality?  The feminists seem so
worried about the stereotype stuff, but this might be a great way to
dispense with them(the stereotypes, that is), period.  How can a character
in a screenplay be a murderer and a victim at the same time?   See what I mean?
        It would open up quite a few new areas of exploration.  I can see
some unusual, really thought provoking screenplays coming out of this.
The characters could breath freely and say things they might never have
said before.  In effect, all those roles that usually go to men, might
now be open to women.  Why not?  The traditional roles for women would go
right out the window.
        Just because something is politically correct at the time,
doesn't mean that it makes for good film.  In fact, it can date a film
too much and make it laughable years from now.  I think filmmakers, and
most of all writers, could open up whole new characters and unique
combinations of characters along the way.  Instead of writing women
characters that hide behind old fashioned stereotypes, write some brand
new, and as Hemingway used to say, "honest" characters that really get
up and breath, walk and talk.
        See, not so bad after all.
 "Please gentlemen!  I'll have no fighting in here, this is the War Room."
                                        ("Dr. Strangelove")
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