> Re: An American Family.
> "Can a Documentary be Made of Real Life?: The Reception of An American
> Family" in The Construction of the Viewer: Media, Ethnography, and The
> Anthropology of Audiences.  Written by Jeffrey Ruoff.  I think that Mr.
> Ruoff has also published something in Cinema Journal on American Family,
> and I know that he is writing his disseration on it.
I knew about the dissertation in progress.  I've tried to contact Jeff
at U Iowa but he doesn't answere his email but I'm told (actual *was*
told, past-tense, earlier this year that he was/is "out of the country -
Paris we think" for the year.
Do you happen to know Jeff or have a suggestion for contacting him other
than through U Iowa?
--Jim Grubbs
Department of Speech Communication
Indiana University - Bloomington
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