You are crowding this list with comments that some of us might
find offensive.  I agree with Donna Cunningham completely.  And Missy.
Do we have to continue to make the point about violence directed against
women by pouring our hearts out with real life stories before you
can be convinced that women are indeed victims?
        And what's with this idea of normality & facts?  Didn't anybody
teach you that there are no facts per se but interpretations of facts?
That the scientific knowledge you invoke can become dangerous when it
innocents itself and therefore eludes scrutiny?  These are fairly simple
concepts, of which I hoped that subscribers of this list would have a basic
        Maybe the time has come to drop the subject altogether.
        And what's with the cute one liners that you mail privately?  The
one Donna posted to the list and another one to me today.  Please.  Thank
        Gloria Monti