> Please excuse the observation of a novice to the list and
> a political scientist, but it seems to be very difficult in an
> action type of film to get sophisticated messages across.
It never crossed my mind to regard Sneakers as an action film.
Which elements do you see there?
SPOILER WARNING LINE ------------------------------------------
> For example, it was my impression when I saw "Sneakers,"
> some time ago that an anarchistic or nihilistic orientation
> motivated the character played by Ben Kinsley. [rest about socialism
> omitted]
Cosmo's behaviour has nihilistic features.
However, his plan is not to use the device he has at hand to, say, 'nuke
the world and start all over' (please bear in mind this argument by
the Stephen Falken character (the supposedly-dead professor) in Wargames,
which was written by the same scriptwriters.)
He 'only' wants to delete the part of finance that is 'not real' (a _very_
important theme in Sneakers), which is only there in the minds of the people.
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