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                                            29-Jun-1994 07:58pm EDT
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Subject: Re: Gulf War Video
Paper Tiger Television does in fact have an excellent left-wing video on the
Gulf War, "Operation Storm the Media."  They can be reached at (212) 420-9045
or at 339 Lafayette ST., NY, NY 10012.  A couple of years ago when I taught a
course on TV, I used this video alongside a shameless glorification of the
event called "Operation Welcome Home" that I ordered from the Book of the Month
Club (even though it's a video).  I also used an episode of PBS's "Frontline"
series on the aftermath of the war for the Iraquis.  I was thus able to present
the issues as articulated by the hawkish right, the funky left and the earnest
Krin Gabbard
SUNY Stony Brook
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