On Fri, 24 Jun 1994 14:16:39 CDT Robert Hanczor said:
>Anyone interested in a discussion of the applicability of psychoanalysis
>as a method of television criticism?
If you mean psychoanalysis as in Lacan and psychoanalytically inflected
film theory, then I'd be very interested to hear from anyone who's found
it useful in TV crit.  So far, contemporary psych-crit has had, to
my knowledge, very little impact upon TV criticism (nothing compared
to its impact on film theory anyway).
The chapter on it in CHANNELS OF DISCOURSE is very cautious in its
application of psych to TV.  And this seems typical to me.  This caution
led me to largely exclude psych-crit from a chapter on critical
And beyond the question of psych's applicability to TV criticism,
has anyone found useful strategies for teaching such material to
undergraduates?  Perhaps Kaja Silverman's THE SUBJECT OF SEMIOTICS
or the rapidly dating Ellis/Coward, LANGUAGE AND MATERIALISM would be
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