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  Helio Augusto Godoy de Souza <[log in to unmask]>  writes:
> Hello
> I am a Professor of Audio-visual resources in a Federal University of
> Brazil. I am interested in contact some professor who could co-advise
> my doctorate project on MEDIA EDUCATION ( theory and pratice of pro-
> duction, language, history, and technical skills on film,video,photo
> and multimedia). My proposal will be developed at Sao Paulo State
> University at Communication and Arts School. If somebody is interested
I'm interested as a reader of a theoretical talk about this subject.
I'm no rofessor but I have done film tv  and theatre studies.
and now i am student at the film academy so maybe I can help you with some
comments on your ideas later on?
michiel keller, holland, Utrecht.
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